The Show Is Now On iTunes

As mentioned yesterday on social networks I was waiting for the URL to share with you so that you could subscribe to the show in iTunes, well I now have the link and can share it with you. You can also click the button to the right of the site as well and that will ask you if you want to open iTunes and subscribe. The link you need is:

Thanks :)

Episode 2 Will Be Released Soon

It’s been over a year since episode 1 has been released and episode 2 will be here soon. I will not make you wait a year for episode 3.

The reason I haven’t released episode 2 yet is because I didn’t realise soundcloud would start charging me for uploads. On 12th May 2014 (today) I discovered that Google Drive can host more files for free. There’s loads of news to give you in the new podcast. I have also submitted it to iTunes and hope it gets accepted.

Until episode 2 is released please feel free to give my facebook page a like here: