The Mashup Podcast Episode 10


This episode will have you singing and dancing all day and it also features 1 track from each of the previous shows plus NEW tracks too. Continue reading

The Mashup Podcast Episode 9


It’s been over 2 months since my last podcast and I can only apologise for that. I have started a radio show again so that is taking up my time a long with being a stay at home dad too. With that being said lets go through what is in episode 9! Continue reading

Episode 2 Will Be Released Soon

It’s been over a year since episode 1 has been released and episode 2 will be here soon. I will not make you wait a year for episode 3.

The reason I haven’t released episode 2 yet is because I didn’t realise soundcloud would start charging me for uploads. On 12th May 2014 (today) I discovered that Google Drive can host more files for free. There’s loads of news to give you in the new podcast. I have also submitted it to iTunes and hope it gets accepted.

Until episode 2 is released please feel free to give my facebook page a like here: